iPad Resources

Identify instructional uses of the iPad.

AACPS Intranet Resources

Some Good Online Resources
-Uses of Ipad for you, the Teacher by Tony Vincent - www.learninginhand.com
          iPad as Teachers Pet - covers many ways of use in the classroom
-Ipad Apps matched to Bloom's Taxonomy - http://www.schrockguide.net/bloomin-apps.html

More Suggested Apps/Activities

  • QR Codes - (http://www.qrstuff.net) - create codes for kids to scan with phones or ipads  
  • Three Ring (http://threering.com)- Portfolio Creation App with online storage (organize, share, assess documents, audio, notes, etc. using either the iPad, iPhone, or computer). This is endorsed by the AACPS office of Advanced Studies. Set up a free account. 
  • Nearpod -(http://nearpod.com)-  an app that's a combination of Senteo and presention software to present, practice and assess knowledge and skills. Set up a free account.  
  • Possible Learning Activities with iPads
    • Drill and practice  (e.g. Math skills
    • Accessing Content -  (Safari Internet browser, online databases, Ted lectures, QR codes, etc.)
    • Creating & Sharing Content (e.g. digital storytelling, writing paragraphs, composing & performing music, digital art, etc.)
    • Assessing Student work (Nearpod, Google docs)
    • more......
Things Teachers Need to Know before using iPads
  1. iPads flat down - management tool

  2. buttons (off, home, volume, mute or rotation

  3. Wall paper changes (via settings & brightness and wallpaper)

  4. Taking a photo & making it wallpaper NOTE - GPS is turned off for privacy

  5. rotation & mute - (via settings & general - then scroll for side switch rotation/mute )

  6. Keyboard - go to notes change character, holding down

  7. Apps - Moving & making folders

  8. Gestures - four or five fingers - swipe up and down, left & right

  9. To see what apps kids have used - double click home button