Research Process

Goal: Follow the steps in the research process.

Task 1 - Identify the Problem  
    -What specific topics do I need to know and questions I need to answer?

Task 2
- Identify Information Sources 
    -What are some sources? The best sources? Print or Electronic?

Task 3
- Locate and Access the Sources
    -Where can I find them? Where can I find the information I need in them?
    -Identify and begin citing your source!

Task 4
- Use of Information
    -Engage! (Read it, Listen to it, etc.)
    -Gather the most useful information.     

Task 5
Sythesize the Information
    -Organize & analyze the information; make decsions. 
    -Design & present the product(s).  
    -Be sure you've given credit to your source in the correct format.

Task 6
Evaluate the Information
    -Judge the product and the process(es) - you, your peers, yourself.....

Big 6 Research Steps