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Capstone Project - Banned & Challenged Books

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 Image result for world map  Map of Challenged & Banned Books
 info Infographics of Banned Books in Schools

 Challenged & Banned Book Websites
 Banned Books that Shaped America  (In School Link Only)
 American Library Assoc. Frequently Challenged Book Pages
 Time Magazine - Ten Most Censored Books
 Online Books Page - Banned Books
 Reasons for Classic Books Banning 
 Banned Young Adult Novels (Outsiders, Fahrenheit 451, Little Women, etc.) 
 30 Banned Books - CS Monitor
                                                     NHS Online Catalog
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Print Sources
Novels for Students
Literary Newsmakers for Students
Literature and its Times

NOTE: Many of the popular books are on our G: drive in the English folder.


NHS Databases 
Databases for Themes  (Go to for home use.)
 Lit Resource Ctr Gale Literature Resource Center - Literary criticism
Click on link near the bottom of the page.


Bloom's Literary Reference - literary criticism

Ebooks for Themes  (Go to for home use.)
Gale Virtual Reference Library 
Click on link near the top of the page. Look for Novels for Students and Literary Newsmakers for Students.
 Gale  Public Library - Use your AACPL library card number to access even more volumes of Novels for Students.  AACPL number is 21997080_ _ _ _ _ _ (your student id).
 Salem Press Salem Press Ebooks - Look for Magill's Literary Annual or type the title for your novel using the search box.