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General Resources

Northeast High Databases 
 ABC-CLIO Home Page
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History Center
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Britannica  Click and Search for the topic.


SIRS Researcher - US State Dept.
International Religious Freedom Report for 2013: Executive Summary
Culture Grams - locate the country, then look for religion and/or history

SIRS Researcher Global ViewPoint 
Absent a Two-State Solution, a 'Jewish State' Means Apartheid

SIRS Researcher Global Information Network
Survey: Anti-Semitic Attitudes Strongest in Arab World 

Gale World History in Context The Economist 100 Years War
Israel Science & Technology Resources

SIRS Researcher Christian Science Monitor
Iraq's Jihadis Have Vowed to Wipe Out the Yazidis. Who Are They?

Encyclopedia Britannica (search for Iraq, then look for Religion)  - Religion in Iraq

Religion & Religious Freedom in Iran - National Review
Religous Freedom - Human Rights Watch 
SIRS Researcher Foreign Affairs
Who Is Ali Khamenei? The Worldview of Iran's Supreme Leader
Encyclopedia Britiannica (search for Iran, then look for History -Islamic Republic) 
One woman’s story of life in Iran 

 Women’s Rights

Middle East
Women's Rights in the Middle East
SIRS Researcher –
Women in the Arab World--Do They Matter?
CQ Researcher - Women's Rights in the Middle East
Revolutionary Women in Afghanistan  +
Sirs Researcher - Weekly Standard The Subjection of Islamic Women

Women's Rights - Nigeria 
Human Rights Watch
Women's Consortium of Nigeria 


New York Times 
BBC News
Jerusalem Post 
Canadian Broadcast Corporation 

The Economist
Human Right's Watch 
New York Times 



Sirs Researcher – New York Times
Traveling While Arab
Dr. David Duke - Orthodox Jews and Anti-Zionism
CQ Researcher - Racial Issues in America
Sirs Researcher – New York Times
Justice Dept. Inquiry to Focus on Practices of Police in Ferguson

Christian Science Monitor
Arab Lineage in Sudan
Matthew Brunnwasser reports for PRI radio
SIRS Researcher - Countries in Crisis: Sudan Rourke Publishing
Countries in Crisis: Sudan

South Africa
Overcoming - History of Apartheid Segregation
SIRS Researcher - Washington Post
Racism Persists in Rural S. Africa
South Africa Apartheid History


Domestic Violence

Law Offices of Rochelle Berliner
CQ Researcher – Federal Programs
SIRS Researcher Los Angeles Times
The NFL's Willful Ignorance
Domestic Violence Statistics
National Online Resource Center for Domestic Violence