Evaluating Sources

Goal: Evaluate websites to determine their usefulness for research.

1. View the Powerpoint. that describes criteria to evaluate websites.
2. Use the Evaluation Form to evaluate each website. 

Choose from the following websites:

Burmese Mountain Dog - info about the dogs

Republic of Cascadia - Information about this new country

Elizabethan England - Info about England during the life of Queen Elizabeth I

Mankato, Minnesota - Government and Toursit site 

Dog Island - an exclusive pet resort

Country of Angola Information - CIA World Fact Book info

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography - from cable tv Biography channel

Genochoice  - info site on this new medical technology

BoilerPlate - robotic man invented in the 1880s

Haggis Hunt - Information about the popular Scottish sport and food

Final Curtain - A new concept on cemetaries